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Is your Sunday school or Church school;
a place where children experience prayer?

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What is the Children's Room?

The Children's Room is a place where liturgical links and understanding are established, bringing the child into a closer relationship with the Church and with Our Lord.

The beautiful materials are designed according to the developmental age of the child and so he has a natural attraction to them. The Children's Room provides activity that stimulates concentration as the child interacts with the "hands-on" materials.

Good Shepherd

The child's first exposure to the faith in the children’s room is centered on Jesus Christ. The parable of Jesus Christ the Good Shepherd speaks to the young child. The Good Shepherd calls His sheep by name, lays down His life for His sheep, nurtures and protects them. Because of the emphasis placed on Christ as the Good Shepherd; the young children soon realize that they, too, are part of the Good Shepherd’s flock.

Father Calivas tells us that "worship is faith in motion".  Religious education for the young child is equal to religious experience.  The Children's Room is designed to provide an array of activity and personal experience for each child.  
The children are free to repeat the activities, to retell the Bible story, and to proceed to other connected activity for each carefully selected parable, infancy narrative, prophesy, hymn, prayer, gesture, or Liturgical procedure. Orthodox Teacher
The applied Montessori Method prepares the children to be in the Children’s Room.  They have the opportunity to practice managing their own bodies in a controlled manner as they move about carefully and speak softly.  All the people in the prepared environment are treated with respect and dignity.  As they express themselves through chosen activities placed in the prepared environment; the children’s relationship with God is fostered and they participate in the life of The Church with greater awareness.
Children experience life through the senses.  The children practice liturgical response gestures or set up the objects to contemplate a chosen parable, and also  "make silence", sit quietly to reflect a certain Bible reading or prayer, chant hymns, polish icons, decorate the room with flowers, and manage the geography structures as part of their chosen activity. 

The young child is able to have a relationship with God.   Orthodox Christian Spiritual Formation is a program based on the belief that children have a natural desire to look towards God. This very real spiritual child is honored, nurtured, and given a place for experiential activity, reflection, and expression in the Children's Room.
The Children's Room is a prepared environment where the child has the opportunity to:

  • express heartfelt personal faith,
  • to pray,
  • to hear the Word of God,
  • to wonder about the Word of God,
  • to express heartfelt response,
  • to put faith in motion

Orthodox Teacher

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